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Sensitive eco-adventures to bond with nature and marine wildlife. Year round whale watching, exuberant dolphin encounters, and snorkel over coral reefs with graceful sea turtles. Researchers and naturalists from the Wild Dolphin Foundation host insightful, participatory, and beneficial (research conducted underway) morning cruises.

Complimentary photos of your trip – and a portion of all proceeds donated to Oahu’s Wild Dolphin Foundation conservation efforts.
Wild Side Specialty Tours



5 Years
  • The above water exhaust to minimize underwater noise pollution shows a willingness to think about impacts from the purchasing level, all the way through the customer experience.
  • Very strong Policies & Procedures Guidelines. Very detailed with contingency plans for a multitude of situations.
  • Appreciate the decision to seek out other marine mammals and not solely the spinner dolphins. Shows a sensitivity towards the spinners too by choosing not to go where all the other boats were.
  • Your website is very strong in terms of providing pre-arrival information about what the guests should expect, what to bring, and for finding resources about the various mammals they might expect to see.
Wild Side Specialty Tours
Wild Side Specialty Tours
  • Everyone on the boat clearly shared a love of the ocean and was willing to share it with the guests without them having to ask. They were also willing to admit when they didn’t have an answer and seeked out either Tori, or a reference material for the answer.
  • Loved the labeling of various parts of the boat so guests can learn a little Hawaiian on their own. Also appreciated how you had an “educational corner” where guests could flip through books and informational sheets.
  • Nice seeing you offer a majority of local products on-board as well as the use of reef-safe sunscreen and reusable cups. Also, good job trying to work with natural cleaners.