Sea Paradise

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Sea Paradise

Since 1984 Sea Paradise Inc. has been one of Kona Hawaii’s original premier scuba diving operations. Located in a retail location that offers merchandise including reef-safe sunscreen.

Enjoy one of their many sailing tours!
Sea Paradise
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1 Year
  • Your employees seem very happy and feel that their input is valuable and listened to. They are often the best source of feedback from guests and for finding solutions. Keep up the good work.
  • The emphasis on sharing Hawaiian culture and the unique nature of the Kealakekua Bay was strong.
    Excellent emphasis on safety and proper guest behavior while in the water. Good for guests’ safety and for ensuring they do not impact the natural environment.
  • Your Environmental Conservation and Community service projects are very good. Keep up the good work!
  • Great work converting to all electronic waivers.
  • Baseyard seemed fairly well organized and maintained. Good use of signage to remind employees of protocols and best practices. Consider rotating the signage to make sure the reminders are truly absorbed and noticed. Furthermore, you could integrate Hawaiian culture into these signs to better integrate into your business culture.
  • Great that you work with Sustainable Island Products to source compostable products. Be sure to brag about these things to your guests, studies show guests find value in participating in low impact tourism. Do follow up to help make sure there are composting facilities to truly maximize the benefits of using these products.
  • Keep working with DLNR to maintain mooring and reduce over usage.
  • Great that you do not use fins for manta snorkels.
  • Keep using Green Cleaners and always seek better alternatives.
  • Good job “under-preparing” food to minimize food waste.