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Maui Nei Native Expeditions
We are a Maui based tour provider in Lahaina, Hawai‘i, which was established by a Native Hawaiian organization in 2001. The entity is an educational program of the Friends of Moku‘ula, a 501(c)3 nonprofit cultural organization.
Maui Nei offers tours that highlight Lahaina’s and Maui’s history as seen through Native Hawaiian eyes as well as cultural immersion programs for groups. Our guides, who are also chanters and cultural practitioners, offer authentic and informative stories, traditional arts and skills that are rarely experienced by visitors. 

We provide authentic interpretation of cultural traditions and historic sites as well as educating guests on plants, trees, wildlife and marine eco-systems native to Hawai‘i.
Maui Nei tours are eco-friendly, featuring walking instead of driving and uses materials made from the earth, plants and grasses 

Maui Nei Native Expeditions
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1 Years
    • EXCELLENT interpretation. Tour held audience captive from beginning to end and provided an authentic and unique opportunity to tour Lahaina. Key points were touched on, and sensitive/cultural issues were explained within a broader context that gave a complete and holistic story. Excellent pace and of spacing information throughout trip (e.g. discussing certain topics at appropriate times). Great insight and use of credible references (e.g. Native Hawaiian cultural practitioners, museum, etc.).
    • Excellent integration of cultural practices, sensitivities, and protocols. Included chants and wove in Hawaiian language, stories, and cultural practices throughout tour.
maui nei native expeditions dancing
maui nei native expeditions stone
  • Walking tour format minimizes carbon footprint, while also providing a truly immersive experience. Two thumbs up for eliminating single-use water bottles by providing refreshments (and snacks) at Take Home Maui.
  • Great job of utilizing local resources and companies (such as Lahaina Heritage Museum and Take Home Maui deli/store) during the tour. Also received kudos for including online info about historical sites that would be visited on tour.