A Guided Cultural Experience

Hokupaa Pam Davis Lee Manly Kanoa


Waikīkī is rich in history, culture, legends, song and a healing spirit. This causes a spiritual and emotional connection that beckons us to return over and over again. Our guided cultural walks are designed to show a Waikīkī alive with a spiritual depth that is felt by both locals and visitors. Join us on walks that will connect you to our Waikīkī … its spirit and its power.

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1 Years

Hōkūpa‘a is committed to protecting the unique natural environment and host culture of Hawai‘i through the promotion of responsible travel and sharing our cultural and historical knowledge of Hawai‘i. Our walking tours leave no impact on the environment. Our guides are certified Hawaiian cultural practitioners with a depth of experience in the history and culture of Waikīkī.

Hokupaa Halau
Hokupaa kapiolani park
  • Fantastic on-tour interpretation with the inclusion of Hawaiian words and scientific, as well cultural stories.  Manly is very charismatic, passionate, and engaging.
  • Excellent policies for using culturally appropriate behavior when entering significant sites and explaining these to guests
  • The reporting you did for the certification was thorough and clearly demonstrates your commitment to sustainable practices.
  • Your conservation and community projects seem impactful and diverse.
  • Your mission, and values are very good and demonstrate your integration of Hawaiian values and sustainability into your everyday practices. You may consider adding them to a location where it is also clear to your guests (i.e. on song/language handouts).
  • Guide training and continuing education is clearly important to Hokupa`a.  Having only Kumu status guides is an excellent way to maintain accurate interpretation.  This also results in very informative and fascinating tours which leave guests with an experience they could not have had on their own.
  • New guides being trained through traditional methods speaks to your dedication to Hawaiian culture, however may prove difficult if future growth is to be achieved.
  • Excellent job cleaning up at the Pueo Heiau!  Love the message to guests about leaving the site cleaner than we found it and giving back to the community.