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Essential Hawaii Tours

All guides are knowledgeable of the Hawaiian culture, flora, fauna, geology and history of our island. You are encouraged to ask our guides questions about the island, culture or anything you want to know about Hawai‘i.

Everyday we guide visitors from all over the world sharing with them the power, magic and the beauty of our Big Island.
Essential Hawaii Tours



  • Tour guide (Paul) was excellent, and provided a very high degree of cultural and natural resource interpretation. The tour truly took guests on an in-depth journey of Hawaii and connected them more closely to the island’s cultural and natural resources. Great job of weaving Hawaiian language/words throughout the tour, and giving guests hands-on experience. Tour was fun, informative, educational, and historical. Tour guide was very personable, patient, and knowledgeable.
  • Excellent job of supporting local companies through tours (e.g. Ka’u Farms, Punalu’u Bakery, etc.). This not only gives guests a true “taste” of Hawaii, but also generates important business for local companies.
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  • Excellent resources utilized to develop tours. Also glad to see that tour guides are participating in trainings. Continue to attend public lectures, trainings, and even consider enrolling in Hawaiian language (or other classes) at the local college!
  • Great job of incorporating reduce, re-use, recycle and other sustainability measures throughout tour (e.g. reusing any National Park brochures that guests don’t use or leave behind, picking up trash, etc.). Tour guide also did an excellent job of weaving in Hawaiian sustainability principles throughout tour.
  • Website has excellent information about tours and does a great job of setting expectations/preparing guests for the tour. FAQ is also in-depth and a great addition to the website.