Administrative Assistant

Hawaii Ecotourism Association is hiring for an Administrative Assistant. This is a remote, part-time contract position (~10 hours per week). Interested applicants should send a cover letter and resume to [email protected] by June 24, 2019.


The Administrative Assistant reports to the Program Director. The Administrative Assistant supports the day-to-day programs and operations of Hawaii Ecotourism Association, specifically the Pono Traveler program and the Certified Sustainable Tour Operator program. This position will help streamline processes, emails, and invoices and ensure that the core programs of HEA maintain continuity and run smoothly. This is a part time, contract position estimated at 10 hours per week and compensated $800 per month.

Job Duties


  • Monitor [email protected]….. and [email protected]….. emails and respond to or forward the emails to the appropriate person for response within 72 hours
  • Assist with fiscal management and grant reporting by ensuring payments of membership and certification fees with the Treasurer and updating Quickbooks account
  • Assist in organizing HEA’s annual award luncheon

Pono Traveler Program – Program Administrator will be responsible for overseeing the day-to-day execution of the Pono Traveler program. Primary duties include:

  • Invoicing annual Pono Traveler fees to Certified Tour Operators and processing mailed and online membership fees and Pono Traveler check payments through Quickbooks
  • Assigning Pono Travelers to respective tours
  • Managing, reviewing, and organizing final Pono Traveler reports (ensure that reports are completed, follow up on missing reports, file reports to CTO files, make reports available for annual re-certification call, etc.)
  • Reimbursing Pono Travelers and file final reports

Certification Program

  • Process new certification checklists including:
    • Send email acknowledgment to on-line applications; input tour operator information into database; respond to certification inquiries; send welcome letter/packet
  • Review new checklist submissions for completion and forward to Program Director for review
  • Invoice annual Certification fees and annual Pono Traveler fees for Certified Sustainable Tour Operators. Follow up on late payments.
  • Process mailed fees and checks through Quickbooks
  • Support annual Re-Certification program
  • Assist in recruiting new tour operators to be certified and coach new tour operators
  • Migrate past checklist responses (2014-2018) to new checklist program

Secondary Responsibilities

  • Assist in securing sponsorships/funding through outreach to other green businesses (hotels/restaurants/retail) and add them to HEA’s vacation planner
  • Work with Program Director to develop social media and website content and newsletters
  • Identify potential outreach/tabling events on each island; support efforts at select events