Join us in developing sustainable travel in Hawaii.

Hawaii Ecotourism Association membership is open to anyone committed to preserving Hawaii’s unique sense of place by promoting environmental stewardship, cultural sensitivity, community well-being and quality education within the travel and tourism industry. 

As a member of HEA, you will receive updated newsletters, special invitations to HEA events and presentations, and the goodwill knowing that you are part of the efforts to promote ecotourism and protect the resources of our home here in the islands.

Annual Membership Categories

Student Membership                            Annual Dues: $15.
Individual Membership- "Friends of HEA"   Annual Dues: $50
Non-Profit/Government Agency              Annual Dues: $75
This is open to any NGO, non-profit, government agency, organization, and/or individual who has any affiliation in this field that would like to contribute to both HEA goals and gain access to the networking and educational opportunities from HEA membership. This category will have a listing on the HEA website, access to Members Only information, and be eligibile to become a member of the Board of Directors.

 Business Member                              Annual Dues: $125
For businesses and organizations that support the idea of ecotourism as a model for tourism in the State of Hawaii. This category is open to both businesses involved in tourism (such as accommodations, tours and activities, visitor attractions, travel agents, and other visitor services), as well as other businesses that would like to support ecotourism efforts. The Business category will have a listing on the HEA website and access to Members Only information. A Business member is entitled to apply for "Certified Ecotour Operator" status and/or to become a member of the Board of Directors. 

Corporate Supporter                          Annual Dues: $500 and up
This is a new category for companies and individuals who are avid supporters of the mission of HEA. These members will be recognized on our website homepage, in addition to the Business category benefits of membership. Corporate Supporters' logos will appear on HEA events, publications and banners. 

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Recognition and Promotion:

  • All members are listed in our top-ranked website.

  • Members listings include a detailed description of your services, company logo and one or more photos.
  • Certified Business Members are eligible for prestigious annual awards that garner positive publicity for your business and tours.
  • Members receive opportunities for additional cross promotion including: 
    • Media-matching 
    • Representation and promotion at tradeshows, conferences and community events
    • Networking with other ecotourism professionals in Hawaii

    Information & Education:
  • Exclusive access to a variety of educational opportunities posted on our members-only pages, such as:
  • E Malama Ecotourism Manual for Hawaii
  • HEA On-line Newsletters
  • Calendar & information on eco-related events, workshops & lectures


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